Inside Stories is dedicated to storytelling, specifically focusing on stories coming out of the movie, television and commercial industry.  It's an unglamorous life in an industry better known for its glamour-- and it's rich with tales of failure, success, humor and heartbreak...and a lot of crapped-on dreams. We're not looking to gossip. We just try to get to the heart of it. 

A little history: 

The founder of  Inside Stories  is Laura Berning, an 18 year veteran of the film industry where she spent most of her waking hours exploring New York, the northeast and the south, seeking out locations for major motion pictures. The job allowed her access to just about everywhere, from penthouses to crack houses, abandoned mental institutions to museums, soaring rooftops to underground tunnels. At the end of each day, she'd meet her colleagues in the basement of a small photo lab in the West Village, where they'd prepare their photographs and tell stories about the people and places they'd come across that day. It was  fascinating. When scouting went fully digital and online, the photo lab closed and the location scouts went home and sat alone in front of their computer screens to load their photos--and the stories stopped. Or rather, the stories kept happening, they just weren't being told. In an age where we seem to do most of our communicating at hyper speed through text and email, Inside Stories is an effort to bring the stories of real life alive. And to be amazed, amused and sometimes appalled by the things we do to make a buck.  

What's YOUR story?

If you work or have worked in any capacity in the film/tv/commercial industry (or ever run into a production on your street or had your apartment/property used, etc) and have a tale to tell, we'd love to hear it! And If you'd like to share that story for a future live event or podcast, please email us at .